Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meet the Executive Board: Pre College Initiative Chair

Hey my NSBE FAM! How's it going? As many of you may know, I'm Cavon Cormack. I'm a junior, majoring in Aerospace Engineering and your current Pre-College Initiative Chairperson (PCI). Well a quick summer report for you from me: I took 2 summer classes @ the Abington campus. CMPSC 201 & MATH 250. They were cool. Waking up @ 5:30 to get to an 8 am class (MATH 250) was not cool though. No one should be thinking about equations or math @ 8 am, that should be against summer laws. I got through it though, and the Prof. was mad cool, so I can't complain about it too much. I'm definitely not complaining about the B+. I pulled a B out of the comp sci class. Well following the classes, it's time to find myself a job and just hang out with the immediate fam and let the rest of the summer fall into place.

Can I get a 2222 HYPE!!!!

Oh I forgot to add, you can contact me @

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