Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet the Executive Board Blog Edition: President

Hello NSBErs,

My name is Kendal Coates and I am the Penn State NSBE President for Fall 2010 to Spring 2010 school year. I have a TON of plans for this year and I cannot wait to express them all to you. But first, before I begin that, I thought it would be meaningful if I told you a bit about myself. I would like all of my executive board to express them self and speak a bit about what they are doing for the summer. If anyone would like to share what they are doing this summer as well PLEASE send your emails about yourself and what you are doing this summer so we can post them on the blog. My email is

Like I said before, my name is Kendal Coates and I am a SUPER Senior in Industrial Engineering focusing in Manufacturing. I am from Pittsburgh and that is currently where I will be during the summer. I am working for the University of Pittsburgh as a Facilitator for a high school engineering summer program and I am also looking for a second job on the side to pay for my gas money. I am also taking two classes online. I enjoy going to the gym and keeping fit for the summer. I also have been playing a ton of basketball so far. I am really excited for Fall semester because I will be President and we have so many new events occurring that I hope the community of Penn State will enjoy. One thing I live by is staying true to myself and being prideful of what you do. The best quote I ever heard was from Harold and Kumar 2. When they meet George Bush and talk about the government, George Bush says to Kumar, "Its not about believing in the government of your country, its all about believing in the people of your country and what they will do." If you think about what he said, it was epic.

I hope to hear from many other NSBErs this summer and definitely use this as a way to keep in touch with Penn State NSBE!!!!

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